Our Product

The Multi-Asset Investment Hub

Outcompete with Aprexo

Aprexo’s data mastering solution

Cutting edge technology designed by fund managers

Every design decision fulfils easy surfacing, control and use of data

A real-time technology to future-proof migration to a real time world


Compelling benefits

Versatile deployment to support a fund, a product or a global enterprise

Designed to fulfil multiple starts and ends of day

Immutable, fully versioned and bitemporal data time series

Extensible data model

All data accessible via APIs

Key benefits for our clients




For Fund Managers by Fund Managers

Change under your control

Our data mastering solution

Fits neatly into fund managers’ and global custodians’ Data-as-a-Service propositions

Our API-first design

Supports integration with proprietary software and with applications from other vendors

Our DMS accelerates time-to-market

 Particularly for firms providing middle-office services to fund managers

Our proof-of-concept approach

 Provides real insights into our DMS’s functionality and resilience

Our modular, API-driven design

Is built in Microsoft’s Azure cloud, is non-intrusive and can be implemented incrementally