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An immutable data paradigm supporting the ability to scroll back and forth through time to reproduce the state of the world at any point in the past, in an instant

Lineage, provenance, traceability – globally bitemporal delivering full audit trail for every atom of data

Data model tailored to the asset management domain


Extensible data model & self service capabilities


Reporting on demand – portfolio positions, valuation, P&L, cash forecasting, strategy exposures

Key Features of our DMS




The power of explaining change in an instant – drill down, look through, aggregation and disaggregation capabilities


One data store serving operational and reporting needs – no copying or duplicating data, less storage needed

Multi-source data aggregation, augmentation & easy surfacing


Modular, SaaS from Azure, near real time, API-first


Modern, consumption driven pricing, a major reduction in total data management costs

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