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An API-first application to transform your management of data

Surface – Control – Use

In ways not possible before


Security definitions – opinionated & fully extensible

Market data – multi-source, multi-type, multi-time

Pre-trade – unexecuted orders 

Post-trade – market executions, OTC contracts, lifecycle events

Positions (in clone mode) – multi-source, ABOR, other IBORs / position stores, CBOR


Positions (in mastering mode) in near real time, persisting ladders for:  Ordered, Traded, Contractually Settled, Actually Settled, Projected

Positions by strategy– can support multiple strategies per position

Extensible data model – giving clients flexibility and speed to market

Anytime, anywhere drill down supporting instant explanation of change – opinionated & fully extensible


Out of the box

Ready-to-use reports covering common requirements such as: Valuations (look-through enabled, P&L), Exposures by Strategy, Investible Cash Forecasting

From the APIs

The combination of Aprexo’s flat data model and open APIs mean reports for any business domain can easily be created using products such as Tableau, PowerBI and Qlik

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