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Data Management Solutions

engineered with

precision, used with ease


For Fund Managers by Fund Managers

Built by practitioners for the asset management ecosystem

Fit for purpose for asset managers, asset owners and asset servicers

We understand and have experienced your data management problems as former fund managers and COOs

We have built a versatile, modular and near real time solution that addresses these issues

Data Mastering Solution

Our DMS aggregates investment and business data from multiple source systems to centralise it in a single authoritative store

Aprexo’s unique paradigm creates new ways to augment, control and use data

Our DMS supports operational and reporting requirements from a single data store

Scroll back and forth through time to bitemporally reproduce the state of the data world and explain change in an instant

A unified self service data management solution serving a wide range of enterprise needs

Clients buy our DMS because

We solve their investment data management problems

We do it at significantly lower cost

Our fast time to value with world class ETL and integration capabilities

Our ability to surface, control and use data in ways not possible before

Our design paradigm – immutability, bitemporality, self service

The versatility of use cases we can solve – don’t limit your thinking

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Leading cloud platform with world class security


One data store serving operational and reporting needs

Globally bitemporal

Explain change at any point in the past in an instant

Agile, flexible, extensible

Self-service, reduced reliance on vendor

Lineage, provenance, traceability

Discard flush & fill and realise the highest audit standards

Open API

Easy surfacing of data, enables self-service reporting


Technology keeps pace with business needs

Our powerful integration framework ensures fast time to value

We can quickly connect to virtually any data source, serving more users, more reliably and with greater control over data they need

Become more agile and responsive to changing business, client and regulatory demands

Key Takeaways

We get your data into one place, reduce the dispersion of data around your firm and serve end user needs via easy surfacing and powerful control of critical data

The technology flexes to the needs of your business and your operating model


The teams who should care and whose working lives will improve


Performance & Attribution

Data Science


Client Management

Client Reporting


Middle Office 


Investment Risk

Operational Risk

Software Development

For Fund Managers by Fund Managers

Deep domain knowledge distilled into the vital components for better investment decision making

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Approach

What our partners say


“Microsoft is delighted that Azure has been chosen as the host of Aprexo’s ‘third generation’ investment management platform. This collaboration between truly innovative businesses sets a clear course for speed to market and adoption of this transformative technology”

Microsoft UK

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